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  • retickr

    retickr is a social media, email, and RSS aggregator that focuses on personalized news, social sharing, and simplicity.

  • Cocktails for Mac

    Cocktails for Mac has been additionally enhanced with amazing features and contains exclusive new content.

    $7.99 USD
  • Cookiza!

    The "More than a cookery book" cookery book is now also available for the Mac.

    $9.99 USD
  • BirdClock

    BirdClock is an unique and fun clock app that tells you time by chorus of birds! It brings you pleasant surprise as hours passing by and makes you feel closer to nature.

  • Cadent wineCellar

    Cadent wineCellar provides a unique application for storing, viewing and retrieving information about your wine collection. You can sync up to 500 wines from Cadent wineCellar to the Cadent Cloud (acc

    $24.99 USD
  • SocialEngine - Create your own Social Network

    SocialEngine, Social Networking, Social Network, Social Media

  • DreamBook - Your Dream Dictionary

    DreamBook application allows you to find meaning of your dreams in five most known and popular dream books of Sigmund Freud, Gustavus Miller, Nostradamus, Hasse and Bulgarian foreteller Vanga.

    $2.99 USD
  • Powerslam

    The first ever pro wrestling game for Mac!

    $5.95 USD
  • Trade Mania

    Your goal is to become the biggest property owner in famous cities around the world. Earn money by collecting rent on your properties.

    $6.99 USD
  • Jenga

    The official Jenga® game is now available from the Mac App Store!

    $0.99 USD
  • Solitaire Lite

    A collection of the most popular solitaire games, baKno-style. Beautiful handcrafted card sets are showcased in a 3D view with board rotation and zoom.

  • SuperMind

    The game principal is well known from Master Mind: Behind a cover there is a secret code consisting of four colors. To detect it, you need a little bit luck and good combinational skill.

  • MahJong Lite

    MahJong Lite generates random tile arrangements that gives you infinite game possibilities for this Chinese-inspired favorite.

  • Masters of Backgammon Free

    Masters of Backgammon is a wonderfully executed game of backgammon in medieval style.

  • Elder Sign: Omens

    Elder Sign: Omens places you in control of up to four intrepid investigators, as they fight to keep all-powerful Ancient Ones from invading our world through a museum’s arcane exhibits!

    $6.99 USD
  • Sudoku Uno

    "Sudoku Uno" provides an almost infinite number of Sudoku games categorized in 3 levels of difficulty.

    $0.99 USD
  • Backgammon Premium

    Backgammon Mac allows you to play against the computer in either Easy, Medium or Hard difficulties. Tracks extensive Statistics for each game type, including Games Played, Gammons,

    $1.99 USD
  • iPACROSS Free

    iPACROSS Free is a puzzle game known by many other names, including Paint by Numbers, Logic Puzzle, Griddlers, Nonogrames or Picross.

  • Assault Commander Ultimate Lite

    This is the lite version of Assault Commander Ultimate, a traditional turn-based strategy game played on a hexagonal map.

  • Absolute MahJong

    Try the new interpretation of the famous Chinese puzzle – Absolute MahJong! Experience this well-known game with 4 various modes: Classic, Word, Math and Shuffle Mah Jong.

    $4.99 USD

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