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Html Editors Download

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  • Flux 3

    Flux is an advanced HTML5 Web design application, capable of creating stunning sites from scratch.

    $119.99 USD
  • Base64 Image Encoder

    This handy utility will let you encode your images into base64.

    $3.99 USD
  • JSRef

    JSRef is the missing quick offline reference for the web- and webapp-developer.

    $1.99 USD
  • SimpleEdit

    SimpleEdit -Your first second text, code and markup editor.

    $4.99 USD
  • HTML Generator

    This software was created to quickly create data entry form in HTML.

    $0.99 USD
  • Visual Composer

    Visual Composer enables you to rapidly build a webpage prototype based on Twitter Bootstrap framework.

    $2.99 USD
  • Paw HTTP Client

    Paw – The missing HTTP Client for OS X

    $19.99 USD
  • eOrdering Complete X

    eOrdering Complete is an application that allows you to create complete Shopping Cart and Online Store solutions.

    $65 USD
  • DeliciWeb

    Export your books, games, movies and music items from Delicious Library to a web page, ready to be posted on your web site or you your .Mac Homepage.

  • Email Cloaker for Web

    Email Cloaker for Web is a simple utility generates code that cloaks e-mail addresses in HTML and prevents them from being harvested by spambots.

  • HTML-Optimizer

    HTML-Optimizer speeds up your web site by optimizing both HTML and script code of your web pages and your JPEG and PNG images.

    $22.95 USD
  • BlogAssist

    BlogAssist is a handy tool to help weblog and website editing by making HTML markup easier.There are three easy ways to use it: you can use whichever one you prefer, or all three as desired. 1.

  • WebLight

    WebLight is a stand-alone web crawler that builds xml sitemaps and finds link, markup & css bugs. * Validates and checks links in css, html, xhtml, rss, atom and sitemaps.

    $33 USD
  • SimpleTeX4ht

    SimpleTeX4ht converts LATEX files to HTML/XHTML, OpenDocument, MathML, DocBook or Text Encoding Initiative (TEI).

  • That's Not a Picture

    That's Not a Picture converts images into intricate HTML tables. This application allows web authors to offer superior support for users who rely on browsers which support tables but not images.

  • eOrdering Professional X

    eOrdering Professional allows small businesses, photographers, and artists to put their products online and take orders online. It allows for categories for making larger eCommerce sites.

    $450 USD
  • XML Tools

    The XML Tools AppleScript Scripting Addition allows AppleScript to parse and generate XML data.

  • Color Blender

    Color Blender is a simple Cocoa application that I wrote because I got frustrated when I couldn't convert a hex value to an RGB value for multiple colors quickly and easily, this immensely slowed

  • Xyle scope

    An elegant analysis tool for everyone interested in web standards. It's like surfing the web with an x-ray view.

    $19.95 USD
  • WebsiteCleaner

    WebSiteCleaner removes unnecessary characters from html files, and prepares jpeg and gif files for use on the web.What's new in this version:# Re-compiled for 10.

    $14.95 USD

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