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  • iConStruct

    iConStruct automatically scales pictures to standard icon sizes and autmatically generates masks based on a specified brightness threshold.

  • TimeControl

    TimeControl, like its sister control (DateControl), is a platform native time control plugin for REALbasic. The control is displayed according to control panel time settings on all target platforms.

  • AbleSpace

    Professional Community, Social Network Script. YouTube, MySpace-like Software.

    $597 USD
  • Tiny Browser

    Tiny Browser is an application that provides a WebKit window to which you can pipe shell commands, from scripts and the Terminal, and display them using HTML (it can also display PDFs).

  • FTLEdit

    FTLEdit is a simple source code editor for HTML files. One special feature is the integrated browser preview, which shows the current file with the system default browser in a separate window.

  • QuickPerlTester

    Have you ever wanted a quick way to test our your PERL scripts for debugging, and often found yourself frustrated with all the time spend switching between the application you use to write the code an

  • ErrorProvider

    ErrorProvider plugin is a REAL Studio plugin to put error providers on forms and windows. An error provider is a blinking indicator that indicates that a given field has a error.

  • FlowLayout

    Specialized layout management plugin control for REALbasic.

  • Blueprint Builder

    Blueprint CSS Grid and HTML Layout Builder.

    $7.99 USD
  • Library Inspector

    Library Inspector is a simple tool for inspecting the contents of compiled object code, archives, dynamic libraries (dylib), frameworks and applications.

    $3.99 USD
  • Handheld Designer

    Simple drag and drop design, including user-interface objects from the jQuery Mobile library.

    $49.99 USD
  • ResourceHelper

    ResourceHelper is your trusty companion during design and development of mobile apps.

    $9.99 USD
  • VMeisoft Dependency Walker

    VMeisoft Dependency Walker for Mac is a development tool that realizes all the functions of one under the Microsoft Windows platform.

  • LEADTOOLS ImageProcessing

    The LEADTOOLS Image Processing app for OSX allows you to apply effects to images loaded from disk.

  • APN Tester Free

    APN Tester to the rescue. Send push notifications to your device from Mac desktop.

  • DropDMG

    DropDMG allows users to quickly create .dmg archives.Disk images pack entire folders or disks into a single compressed file, either for transport across the Internet or simply for backup.

    $24 USD
  • Forms To Go 2.5.9

    About Forms To GoCreate custom scripts in PHP, ASP or Perl to send the field values of your HTML forms thru email. The customized email can be text, HTML or multipart.

  • REALbasic 5.5.4

    About REALbasicAllows almost anyone to build software to solve problems, run a business, or just have fun.

  • FlyCharts

    FlyCharts is a set of Macromedia Flash files that gives you outstanding possibility to visualize your data. Using FlyCharts you can create compact, interactive, good-looking charts in a minute.

    $29 USD
  • ODBC Cocoa Class Samples

    In this site it's possible to found different cocoa samples, some are inherent to the ODBC access to sql databases.


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