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  • App2Dmg

    App2Dmg is a custom dmg installer program by simply dragging .app files onto App2Dmg with specific background image.

    $2.99 USD
  • ArangoDB

    ArangoDB is the universal NoSQL database.

  • VMeisoft Dependency Walker

    VMeisoft Dependency Walker for Mac is a development tool that realizes all the functions of one under the Microsoft Windows platform.

  • Base64Anywhere

    Base64Anywhere is a OSX text service that allows you to encode or decode base64 from a right click context menu.

  • Text Hasher

    Developers from around the world 。。。generate your hashes now while you are typing with this awesome app.

  • JDock 1.1

    About JDockA pure java/swing framework for managing/moving/resizing inner windows or components using a layout manager like a BorderLayout or a GridBagLayout.

  • EditiX - XML Editor & XSLT Debugger 2.1

    About EditiX - XML Editor & XSLT DebuggerAn XML/XSLT editor/debugger designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as

  • Eggplant 2.0

    About EggplantThe automated test tool for Mac OS X.

  • Forms To Go 2.5.9

    About Forms To GoCreate custom scripts in PHP, ASP or Perl to send the field values of your HTML forms thru email. The customized email can be text, HTML or multipart.

  • JResourceBrowser 1.1

    JResourceBrowser is a swing component similar to the javax.swing.JFileChooser but letting the user navigating into a set of directories bound to various protocols or containers.

    $39 USD
  • iPatch 3.0

    About iPatchA utility which can compare resources of two applications, and can produce a self-applying patches to update an older version of an application to a newer version.

  • Differences Examiner

    You want to compare text files? You want to highlight their differences to analyze them?Differences Examiner is what you need!

  • iShell 4 4.0 r5

    About iShell 4An object-oriented, drag and drop authoring environment. It allows users to add interactivity to their content (movies, still images, audio, text, panoramas (QTVRs).

  • Servoy R2 2.1

    About Servoy R2An application development and deployment environment used to create and deploy user-interface applications.

  • TWM (The Window Maker) 1.5.2

    About TWM (The Window Maker)Visually create GUIs. Generates clean, fully editable FB carbon code.Whats New in this Version - Create list boxes- Font palette added- Save as FB project

  • jEdit 4.2

    About jEditA highly configurable programmer’s text editor. Its feature set can be extended through the use of plugins, and can even become a powerful IDE.

  • Revolution

    Choosing Revolution as your development solution means you can move between platforms as your needs change or your market expands, without messy code rewrites.

  • Squeak 3.7

    About SqueakSqueak s ancestry goes back to the ARPA research community who created the Internet, and the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center which created many of our pervasive technologies, such as the p

  • CatScan 1.0.7

    About CatScanAutomatically finds any images, NIB files, and HTML files inside any folder or application.

  • JaneBUILDER 2.0

    About JaneBUILDERAllows users to build complex PHP pages with ease.


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