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    This app combines with 18 different games appropriated for kindergarten up to early primary year (Grade 1-3). Parents can choose which topics they want their child to learn.

    $0.99 USD
  • Music Cubes

    The most simple educational music game on App Store. Just listen to the cubes and repeat the sequence of notes back. It starts with one note and after that is your turn.

  • Equation Calculator

    Equation Calculator is a scientific calculator which does symbolic and algebraic manipulation, algebra and calculus as well as numeric computation.

    $3.99 USD
  • Easy Timeline

    Easy Timeline can help you understand and present history with new perspective. Quickly enter events and then present full-screen interactive timelines with a 3D perspective.

    $19.99 USD
  • Bingo Card Maker Lite

    More then 130 word lists(15 in Lite Edition) from popular categories(Art, Science, Math etc.) already created for you.

  • Beginning Excel VBA

    Learn Excel VBA in the shortest time with this app that zooms in straight on the most important concepts with EXAMPLES.

    $1.99 USD
  • Indonesian FlashCards BASIC

    *** iPhone and iPad versions also available on the iTunes App Store - just search for "Declan Indonesian".

  • Korean FlashCards BASIC

    Korean FlashCards BASIC is a foreign language vocabulary learning tool by Declan Software. This Basic Korean version includes over 170 words and phrases each with a native speaker audio recording.

  • ABC MAGIC 5 Letter Sound Matching

    Gain mastery with letter sounds by using this app.

  • MathStudio

    MathStudio, formerly SpaceTime, is the most comprehensive math app available on the Mac App Store.

    $29.99 USD
  • The Atomic Dashboard

    The Atomic Dashboard is an interactive chemistry resource and learning tool developed by Bitwixt Software Systems.

    $14.99 USD
  • ClueFinders 3rd Grade

    In The ClueFinders’ 3rd Grade Adventures, children solve individual problems or sets of problems involving mathematics, logic, geography, science, reading, and language arts.

    $14.99 USD
  • Atomic Mac

    The Atomic Mac is a periodic table of the elements for the Macintosh.

    $24.99 USD
  • MacAstronomica

    Generates sky maps at any time, from anywhere on Earth.

  • Alchemist's Challenge

    Alchemist's Challenge X is a collection of chemistry quizzes designed to help you learn about some of the central features of chemistry.

    $15 USD
  • Data Desk

    About Data DeskA fast, easy-to-use data analysis package that has been helping people understand their data since 1986.

  • PDP-8 E Simulator

    The PDP-8/E Simulator is an emulator for the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8/E minicomputer, a famouse computer of the early 1970 years.

  • ACSLogo

    ACSLogo is a simple Logo interpreter for Mac OS X.

  • DesignWorks Professional

    With its intuitive user interface and powerful editing features, DesignWorks is an ideal front end for PCB design, FPGA design, SPICE, VHDL high-level design, or wherever your work may take you.

  • LinguaSaver

    This free educational screensaver displays phrases translated between two of these 5 languages, in random order.


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