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Anti Spam Download

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  • SpamWars for MacOS

    SpamWars- 100% efficient anti-spam protection, with no loss of bona fide mail, thanks to a verification method of the relation between you and your e-mail contacts.

  • spamtrainer

    spamtrainer was written to assist mail services administrators in updating and maintaining their SpamAssassin bayes database.

  • JunkMatcher

    JunkMatcher is a cocktail-styled spam filter for on Mac OS X (10.3.x or later). It filters spam by conducting a wealth of tests over emails.

  • Personal AntiSpam

    About Personal AntiSpamX3Apowerful program that works in conjunction with Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage to filter spam so users can keep their inboxes spam-free.

    $49.95 USD
  • SpamStopper

    SpamStopper is a web designer's utility that will help keep email address harvesting spambots from grabbing email addresses from your website(s). No, I'm not joking -- this actually works!

  • SpamFire

    Spamfire is an anti-spam filter that removes unwanted commercial and pornographic email.

    $39.95 USD
  • Sp@mX (SpamX)

    Stop the spam and phishing at the source. Trace and report spammers to their Internet Service Providers, using our automated spam tracing and reporting tool.

    $9.95 USD
  • POPmonitor

    Wouldn't it be great if you could delete unwanted e-mail or spam BEFORE it reaches your e-mail application?

    $25 USD
  • SpamSieve

    SpamSieve gives you back your inbox by bringing powerful Bayesian spam filtering to popular e-mail clients. It learns what your spam looks like, so it can block nearly all of it.

    $30 USD
  • SpamStrainer

    About SpamStrainerNewest studies report that 80 percent of all email traffic is spam. Unfortunatly SpamStrainer can t make an end to this, too. But it can help you to regain access to you email inbox.

  • SpamCop

    The SpamCop bundle for Apple's Mac OS X Mail client makes it much easier to use the SpamCop reporting service when dealing with spam.

    $5 USD
  • PostArmor

    PostArmor is an application that helps to keep your electronic mailbox free of unsolicited e-mail, better known as spam: it looks at the relevant parts of your email before it leaves the mail server,