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  • A Cook’s Books 0.9.3a

    A Cook's Books is an elegant and powerful recipe manager and nutritional reference tool.

    $15 USD
  • Memorust 3.0

    About MemorustAn application to help you build a vocabulary in any language.

  • MakingMusic 2.51

    About MakingMusicThis is an ongoing freeware project, with new instruments being added to the database as the research progresses.

  • HomeProject 2.0.1

    About HomeProjectManage your projects at home. No matter the scope of your project, HomeProject provides an instant access for all your project details.

  • DICTatoro 1.0b

    About DICTatoroThe DICT protocol (see is used by many DICT client programs, little pieces of software that allow the user to look up words.

  • Master Key 3.1

    About Master KeyA typing tutor written specifically for the Mac with all the basic features and a few extra advantages over other typing tutors.

  • ScreenRecord 1.6

    About ScreenRecordA screen recording tool that allows the user to capture continuous images on the screen as a Quicktime movie. It is useful for creating training CDs, visual tutorials, and many more.

  • Indigo

    Indigo is a home control server that integrates INSTEON and X10 hardware devices.

  • iTeacher 2.8

    About iTeacherAn application in which a teacher may organizer his or her lesson plans. It is a digital version of a plan book.

  • Crossword Wizard 4.0.5

    About Crossword Wizard- All-new graphic interface for MacOSX. - GRAPHIC backdrops for your puzzle onscreen (print in colour behind puzzle). - Built-in Dictionary to generate wordlists and clues.

  • iFlash

    iFlash is an advanced memorization application based around the flash-card learning metaphor.

    $14.95 USD
  • GuitarVision Player 1.4

    About GuitarVision PlayerWhy try to figure out tunes using tablature or sheet music when you can See It, Hear It, and then Play It with GuitarVision?

  • MCMS ( Morse Code Made Simple ) 2.0.1

    About MCMS ( Morse Code Made Simple )Built to look like much of the radio equipment you already use.

  • New Age I Ching Oracle and Database 1.0a

    About New Age I Ching Oracle and DatabaseThis is a unique program in several ways. It can generate predictions in several ways.

  • Maquarium 1.8

    About MaquariumAquarium management software for the novice or expert fish keeper. It allows users to track chemicals, schedule tasks, keep notes, and manage inventory.

  • DiveTable X 2.0

    About DiveTableXThis is the first dive planning software for the Macintosh, that will help SCUBA divers calculate pressure groups, residual nitrogen times, and total bottom times for multiple dives.

  • MoonDock 1.2.3

    About MoonDockA lightweight application designed for displaying up-to-date images of the Moon phase in your system MacOS X Dock or as a floating Moon image on your desktop.

  • Ultralingua Bilingual Translation Dictionaries

    About Ultralingua Bilingual Translation DictionariesProfessional grade tools for use in education, business, and industry.

  • KidLock 1.0

    About KidLockWill keep both you and your little ones entertained for hours, and you ll be able to rest easy knowing that your computer and its files are safe from an unintended accidental keypress.

  • Outdoor Navigator 1.2

    About Outdoor Navigator- Maps and Charts for Handheld PDAs– Palms, Pocket PCs, Smart Phones Hike, Boat, Fish, Explore the USA- Detailed Maps via the Internet from Maptech – Under $100– GPS Read


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