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  • Disk TuneUp

    Disk TuneUp helps you to clean up your PC and save disk space as well as improve the performance.

  • Meta SearchMax

    You perform universal searches a quick way. More informations you ever needed.

  • Mac Photo Recovery Software

    Mac Photo Recovery Software restores formatted photograph

    $45 USD
  • SpotlightPSD- Filter PhotoShop images

    SpotlightPSD - SpotLight Plugin for PhotoShop Images

    $9.99 USD
  • SpotlightAS - Filter ActionScript & MXML

    SpotlightAS - ActionScript and MXML Files addon for Spotlight

    $1.99 USD
  • SpotLightQXP - Filter Quark Documents

    SpotLightQXP - Search within QuarkXPress Documents using SpotLight

    $19.99 USD
  • Exselo Desktop

    Exselo Desktop is a Business Productivity Search tool that helps users with their day-to-day informational and operational needs.

  • TSearch

    TSearch is an AppleScript for Camino to search simultaneously in many Torrent search engines.WHAT'S NEWRelease notes not available at this time.

  • AOL for Mac OS X

    About AOL for Mac OS XBrings together enhancements to AOL s popular e-mail and instant messaging features, such as a counter on the Mac OS X dock that displays the number of new messages; the new AOL

  • FindIt

    Easily find anything on the internet, without having to switch between applications. FindIt docks itself on the side of your screen as a small tab.

  • ImageHound 1.0

    About ImageHoundRecursively searches web sites, collecting images, movies and other files into organizable folders.

  • iFind

    Terminate useless results using iFind!

  • SEOSpyder

    Check out how different user agents and search engine bots see your site with SEOSpyder!

  • pMachine Free

    About pMachine FreepMachine is a feature-rich weblog application that runs on OS X s Apache Web Server.

  • jBidWatcher

    A Java-based application allowing you to monitor auctions you're not part of, submit bids, snipe (bid at the last moment), regularly search for auctions, and otherwise track your auction-site expe

  • Sinbad

    Sinbad is a web searching application designed to simplify web browsing and information retrieval.

  • Saft

    Saft for Safari 3 Public Beta is a plugin to extend Safari's features with sidebar, searchable history and bookmarks, full-screen browsing, type-ahead searching, customized Google Search field, UR

    $12 USD
  • Beholder

    The original dedicated desktop client for image search is back, completely rewritten and better than ever, so if you're really interested in finding and exploring images on the web, let Beholder d

    $19.95 USD
  • Camino ExtraPrefs

    Use Camino ExtraPrefs to set some more useful additional preferences for Camino which can't be accessed through the original preference pane of Camino, including ad blocking and a toolbar search e

  • Monocle

    Monocle is a simple search tool that puts a universal search field at your disposal. When you want search, you can choose from a number of engines to perform the search in different places.


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