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Travel Download

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  • iCaching

    Manager for gpx-files containing geocaches

    $14.99 USD
  • Geo WPS

    Geo WPS allows to track your geographic position using Mac OS X wi-fi geo-tracking and other available hardware to detect your coordinate in the best precise way via Apple core location.

    $9.99 USD
  • Paris Metro

    Paris Metro for Mac is the original and No. 1 selling application for getting around Paris, France.

    $0.99 USD
  • myOSM

    myOSM is an online and offline viewer for various map types such as OpenStreetMap, Cloudmade, OpenCycleMap, and NearMap.

    $0.99 USD
  • GPSNavX Marine Navigation

    A very affordable solution for the boater that wants to take the Mac aboard for real-time display of position on full color marine raster format BSB and Softcharts.

    $59.99 USD
  • Travel Bug

    This Travel Bug style widget provides you with a full featured search for the web site. You can search using several different pieces of information depending on what you are looking fo...

  • South America Travel Widget

    The first foreign lanuage travel widget featuring South America. Search in Porteguese or Spanish for deals in travel at includes access to over 500 airlines, 50.000 hotels and...

  • Mac Travel Recorder

    Mac Travel Recorder is your way to use the iBlue 747, iBlue 757, Qstarz BT-Q1000 and iTrek Z1 GPS Data Loggers with your Mac.Mac Travel Recorder offers you the following features: * Change all...

    $49 USD
  • iGuide - China Travel for iPod

    iGuide - China Travel is multi-functional audio software designed for iPod. It covers comprehensive knowledge including some basic geographic knowledge in China. This software lists in detail the famo...

  • Island Travel Deals

    Get travel deals on all kinds of Island destinations, save on hotels, air, package deals in these locations: Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Ja...

  • DVC Calculator

    The DVC Calculator app allows the user to calculate the required number of DVC points needed for their DVC vacation.

  • Arrivals & Departures

    f you are a frequent traveller, you are not a stranger to the Arrival & Departure TV Monitors at the airports.

    $4.99 USD
  • Washington Metro

    ashington Metro for Mac is a comprehensive guide to traveling through Washington, DC. It includes subway maps.

    $0.99 USD
  • Chicago L Rapid Transit

    Chicago L Rapid Transit application for Mac is a comprehensive guide to traveling through Chicago Rapid Transit "L". It includes subway maps.

    $0.99 USD
  • Paris Trafic

    Paris Trafic provides information about traffic in Paris and Ile de France.

    $0.99 USD
  • London Bus

    London Bus is a comprehensive guide to traveling through London. This application includes official bus maps. London Bus map is licensed from Transport for London (TfL).

    $0.99 USD
  • Marseille Metro

    Marseille Metro for Mac is a comprehensive guide to traveling through Marseille in France. It includes subway maps.

    $0.99 USD
  • Lyon Metro

    Lyon Metro for Mac is a comprehensive guide to traveling through Lyon in France. It includes subway maps.

    $0.99 USD
  • rbb Route

    rbb Route is for People who just want to plan their next Motor Bike, Bike, Walking or Horse etc. Tour with help of the fantastic Maps Service and after that use the Route on a Navigation Device.

    $4.99 USD
  • Madrid Metro

    Madrid Metro for Mac is a comprehensive guide to traveling through Madrid in Spain. It includes subway maps.

    $0.99 USD

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