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Health & Fitness Download

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  • Makhaon DICOM PACS

    Makhaon DICOM Storage (Makhaon PACS)

    $5000 USD
  • Makhaon DICOM Dump

    Makhaon dicom dump allows validating, analyzing, editing and viewing DICOM files

  • Hompath Cure Series Demo - Mac

    Cure:Complete Understanding of Real Experience. Presentations from 100+ teachers

    $199 USD
  • WaterApp Lite

    Now WaterApp is free in Mac App Store!

  • iMuscle 2

    iMuscle is a high-quality, professional-grade, but user-friendly app that will help users not just work out, but do so with maximum effectiveness and minimal injury. For personal or professional use,

    $4.99 USD
  • WaterApp - Water In, Toxins Out

    Mac App to track water consumption.

    $2.99 USD
  • iPeriod Ultimate (Period / Menstrual Calendar)

    iPeriod's beautiful VISUAL CALENDAR makes it easy for you to view your menstrual cycles at a glance... complete with emoticons, unique icons symbolizing your symptoms, expected periods, fertile days,

    $3.99 USD
  • Pocket Yoga

    With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace and schedule in the comforts of your own home.

    $4.99 USD
  • CARDIO3® Atlas of Interventional Cardiology – Lite

    It is a reference/learning tool for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, internists, other physicians evaluating interventional images in cardiology

  • Auriculo PC

    Auriculo PC is the finest desktop Auriculotherapy TCM point reference application available anywhere!

    $179.99 USD
  • Veterinary Techncian Board VTNE Exam Prep

    Best practice questions with best format. We are revolutionizing the way that exam takers prepare for the VTNE test.

    $9.99 USD
  • InfoUSB

    InfoUSB allows patients with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare CPAP devices to to upload therapy adherence data from your computer, over the internet, directly to your Healthcare provider in four easy steps:

  • LifeSpan Active +

    LifeSpan Active + connects to your LifeSpan treadmill desk or bike desk using Bluetooth.

  • Cadence BPM Tapper

    Ever wonder what that BPM ( Beats per minute) column is for in iTunes?

  • Daily Ab Workout

    Daily Ab Workout contains two 5-minute daily ab routines for men and women that step you through twenty of the best ab-sculpting exercises.

    $0.99 USD
  • Nutrition Menu - Calorie Tracker

    Advance your diet by having nutritional information for over 93,000 food items right at your fingertips!

    $2.99 USD
  • Daily Cardio Workout

    Daily Cardio Workout contains two great 10-minute daily cardio routines for men and women that step you through twenty of the best cardio exercises.

    $0.99 USD
  • HealthEngage Diet Fitness

    HealthEngage Diet+Fitness gives you a set of applications to make daily exercise, diet, and wellness management easy and convenient. HealthEngage Diet+Fitness is split into four major sections, Collec...

  • Seattle Heart Failure Model

    Heart failure is a chronic condition where the heart is not able to pump blood as effectively as it should. The probability of survival for a patient with heart failure depends on a number of factors,...

  • HIIT Workout

    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a cardiovascular workout designed to enhance fat loss with short periods of intense activity.

    $7.99 USD

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