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  • Smileys

    Probably one of the most silliest screensavers you have ever seen! It draws a lot of - guess what - smileys on your screen. Definitely cheering you up when you're in that depressive mood again..

  • Maple Fresh Fireplace

    Fireplace Burning Maple Fresh Wood

    $2 USD
  • Desktop Puddle Screen Saver

    Watch your desktop through a puddle of water with this realistic looking water effect screensaver.

    $5 USD
  • ReadKit

    Pocket and Readability has long helped us to defer reading longer articles and pieces published on the internet on Post-PC devices in a stripped down, convenient format.

    $1.99 USD
  • LOOPS Screensaver Series 2.0

    Brings new style to the area of Screensavers. It features interesting video material that was carefully edited to loop seemlessly.

  • Crisp Christmas Screensaver 1.0

    A classic Xmas animation full of all things christmas and celebratory, enhanced by a beautiful recording of Vivaldi s Gloria In Excelsis performed by the famed Choir of the English Concert.

  • Cavendish Screensaver 1.1

    About Cavendish ScreensaverScreensaver module beautifully visualizes the gravitational forces shaping our universe, accurately predicting and drawing the paths of celestial bodies as their masses attr

  • Frightful Victorian Halloween Screensaver 1.0

    About Frightful Victorian Halloween ScreensaverFrightful Victorian Halloween Screensaver features images from the Victorian era, when Greeting Cards became extremely fashionable and popular.

  • Strat Wars 0.7

    Strat WarsStar fighters battle it out for your entertainment. Think of the climactic battle scene in some SciFi movies and you get the idea.

  • Hotel Gadget

    We would like to provide mysterious suites constructed by random matching of the words and pictures. Enjoy yourselves in the surrealistic world spun by strange coincidence and eternal imagination.

  • BloodSpotz Screensaver

    What color does your Mac bleed? Gross out your friends and family with ewey gooey spatters of Red. With BloodSpotz, your screen will drip blood this Halloween.

    $5 USD
  • The London Screensaver (B&W) 1.0

    About The London Screensaver (B&W)10 high-resolution photos of London, England in black and white.

  • Traveler’s Clock 1.2

    About Traveler's ClockA configurable clock screen saver. It s specially designed for people who sleep in hotels while traveling.

  • Zombie 1.0

    About ZombieA neat little screen saver that simulates the epic struggle of life and the futility of existence with stick figures and bright colors. It requires Mac OS 10.2.

  • Red Pill 1.4

    About Red PillThe original Matrix code used in the movie was designed by Simon Whiteley of Animal Logic.

  • Powder

    POWDER is a roguelike - a game in the genre of Rogue, Nethack, and Diablo. Emphasis is on tactical play - this isn't a twitch game like Quake or a high level strategy game like Warcraft.

  • Icon2Pic 1.0

    About Icon2PicSimply drag and drop files or folders to extract, browse and change icons !

  • Fireflies 10.0.2

    About FirefliesMac OS X port of the GPL Screen Saver made by Matt Perry. This Mac OS X OpenGL Screen Saver displays swarms of fireflies tracking baits.

  • Fluid 2.0.2

    About FluidFluid2 is a realtime fluid-dynamics model and rendering engine that uses OpenGL to create the effect of flowing liquid on your screen.

  • XMas Lights

    Season's greetings! Here are some holiday lights that will hang down from your menu bar... in the background so they won't be in the way.


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