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All The Right Type

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Ingenuity Works
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All The Right Type Description:

All The Right Type application screenshot

New features of All The Right Type 3

* Student password option - students' records are password protected
* Advance Reports for detailed assessment
* 4 new keyboarding games
* Additional classroom management options
* Networking Solution uses Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
* Font size can be increased for reading ease
* Pacer practice now a cool "race through space"
* Mouse review game - gives students the control and dexterity needed for mouse skills
* Numeric keypad lesson
* Bonus! Full-color 13" X 27" keyboard poster in every site license

Operating System Support: Mac OS 8.6, 9.x, 10.2.x or up


All The Right Type reviewReview for All The Right Type

All The Right Type rating 3.77 out of 5 based on 99 ratings. With 16 user reviews.

55555 fun

its a goooood software

33333 This program rocks!

Hey guys! I'm 11 years old, and i've been using this program on my school computers since grade 1. i am now in grade 6! When i was younger, i used to only be able to type like 10 wpm, in grade 1-2. I've improved greatly(this is VERY high for my age, i know, but i swear im not lying. i was practically addicted to my PC< played it 24/7. thats why i type so fast, and im not addicted anymore.) I just set my record on all the right type, yesterday after school. I apparently can now type twice as fast as almost ll the teachers in my school. in grade 3-5, i was the fastest typing student. i am now the fastest typer out of all the teachers in my school too. although i dont use all home row to type, i use home row, but i move my homerow to different places. its hard to explain. but yesterday, i set my record! im usually at 40-50 words per minute(wpm). yesterday i did 72 wpm, and then i did another quick sentence after that, i hit 93 wpm, and then another, i hit freakin 96 wpm... Im amazed at this program, it helped me advance in typing so much. I didnt even know i could type THAT fast! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and if you get a chance, GET THIS!

33333 all the right type

this program is very heplful for beignner typer and i do not believe that you can type 300 words per minute!!!! that guy is lying

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