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BurnX Free

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BurnX Free Description:

BurnX Free application screenshot

BurnX Free makes it very easy to burn CD's with multiple sessions in an hybrid format for compatibility with other platforms.

Available only for Mac OS X, this application lets you burn a CD or DVD by dragging and dropping files or folders to the main window, you can use sessions so multiple burns can be done in the same disc (CD only). It also has the ability to erase a CD or DVD.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later


BurnX Free reviewReview for BurnX Free

BurnX Free rating 4.12 out of 5 based on 17 ratings. With 7 user reviews.

11111 The burned discs won't play on anything

The software works well and is not difficult. HOWEVER, the burnt CDs won't play on anything other than the computer on which they were burned. They won't play on any CD player I have in the house. Useless.

33333 BurnX Free

Thanks to SofoTex I've found the perfect CD burners - BurnX Free. In the past I've tried 'flash' commercial software. Few live up to their promise. But BurnX Free does. (They're fools - they should charge for it....)

33333 Free BurnX

Was using Toast Lite 5.2.1 to burn Maxell CD-R's. Bought a new box of Maxell CD-R's and Toast would quit each time without writing the disk. Found BurnX on the web and downloaded the free version. It wrote the disks that TL would not. It's easier to use than TL; at least for me.

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