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ChangeShortName Description:

One of the most common questions users of Mac OS X ask is "How do I change my short username?" Although OS X provides a simple interface -- the Accounts pane of System Preferences -- for changing a user's long name, there's been no easy way to change the short name of an account once it is created. Until now, that is.

ChangeShortName is a script and helper application that do the dirty work involved in changing the short name of a user's account in Mac OS X (versions 10.3.x and 10.2.x). It can also repair some problems that occur when a user has attempted to change their short username manually and done so incorrectly. For safety, it even backs up the NetInfo database beforehand. Changing your short username is a serious procedure, but ChangeShortName makes doing so easier and safer.

ChangeShortName is "donationware" by James Bucanek and Dan Frakes. Be sure to read the included documentation before using it.

What's new in this version:

* In Version 1.1, the ChangeShortName script assumed that the directory ~/Library/Logs exists; if it doesn't, the script would stall. (The absence of this folder would also cause the script to erroneously report that the user's name was not found in the NetInfo database.) In Version 1.1.3 and later, the script automatically creates the directory if necessary.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.2.x or higher


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