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ChordPro Buddy V1.1

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$3.99 USD
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7.1 MB
Gerald Flossmann
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ChordPro Buddy V1.1 Description:

ChordPro Buddy V1.1 application screenshot

ChordPro Buddy is a song editor and viewer. It is an easy to use and elegant tool to edit, format, show and print lyrics, chords and tabs without notes for guitar players or other musicians.
The storage format is the widely used, very simple and easy understandable „ChordPro… text format.

ChordPro Buddy helps you to create nice layouts to all your new and existing lyrics and chords and also to the songs, you found on thousands of places on the web. You can print, save as PDF or simply play the songs on screen, so you can sing or play while the song is automatically scrolled for you.

Also you can easy transpose chords, change the layout, like colors, fonts, sizes, spacing , margins and so on.

The GUI is nice, simple, easy to use and straightforward.
You will enjoy it and in the future you will have more fun singing and playing instead of dealing with complicated text formatting!

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Operating System Support: Mac OS X
Tags: chordpro, mac, osx, editor, tabs, musiker, musician, lyrics


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