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CopyPaste Pro

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$30 USD
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4.3 MB
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CopyPaste Pro Description:

CopyPaste Pro application screenshot

CopyPaste Pro... Time Machine for your Clipboard!

The latest incarnation of the one and only, award winning, easy to use, multiple clipboard editing, archive and display utility. See and edit any clip in your history of copies or in the more permanent clip archives. Use the new Clip Browser (horizontal) or Clip Palette (vertical) to see all clipboards in an instant. Save all clipboards through restarts. Tools to act on clipboard data. Never lose a clip again. CopyPaste is a time saver/life saver for all Mac beginners through advanced users.

If you have never tried it, now is the time, it operates invisibly in the background remembering your copies and allows you see a Clip History of clips going back in time or to keep clips permanently in the Clip Archive. Try it and find out for yourself why its so popular.


* Installation, Clip History and Archives
* Clip Browser and Palette
* Clip Tools

CopyPaste Pro is the latest version of CopyPaste and is a complete rewrite and update. CopyPaste has been massively popular since its first release. What has made it so widely appreciated? Usefulness. CopyPaste magnifies and multiplies the usefulness of the humble clipboard.

One of the revolutionary features that came with the Mac in 1984 was the unique ability to select text or pictures, etc, then copy that data into a clipboard, to hold that content temporarily and then paste it in the same application or a different one. The clipboard was used to transfer all kinds of info between programs on the Mac, and later this feature was imitated in many other operating systems.

A few years later CopyPaste was the first application to add multiple clipboards. This meant that more data could be moved in less time. CopyPaste also allowed these multiple clipboards to be displayed, edited, archived and saved through restarts. CopyPaste revealed the untapped potential of the Mac clip...

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.5 PPC , Mac OS X 10.5 Intel


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