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3D Muscle Premium 2

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$29.99 USD
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223 MB
Argosy Publishing, Inc.,
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3D Muscle Premium 2 Description:

3D Muscle Premium 2 application screenshot

3D Muscle Premium 2 is a completely different app from our best-selling 3D Human Anatomy Atlas. 3D Muscle Premium 2 provides much more content on musculature anatomy, and it includes quizzes and true 3D, moving muscles.

3D Muscle Premium 2 is the only app on the market that features:

★ 2,000+ pins on muscles that provide detailed information on origin (red pins) and insertions (blue pins) in true 3D. Zoom or rotate to study muscles one-by-one or in any combination you choose. iMedicalApps calls this feature, "incredibly impressive at highlighting complex anatomy."

★ True 3D models that show hundreds of muscles moving to abduct/adduct, flex/extend, rotate, elevate/depress, etc. 3D Muscle Premium 2 is the only app with true 3D muscle actions. You can rotate and zoom to see these animated actions from various points of view. A video demo is available at:

★ Painted versions of each bone that show surface areas where muscles attach. You can add the muscles to each bone as you study the attachment area.

★ Audio pronunciations for over 600 muscles and 200 bones.

Customer comments about 3D Muscle Premium 2 include:
★ "Students have not stopped commenting on how much they like it."
★ "Great help studying and for reference."
★ "I've used it every day to show clients exactly what I'm talking about. I love to watch their faces light up in an 'aha' moment."

iMedicalApps says 3D Muscle Premium 2, "pushes [the] boundary for anatomy apps. . . . The combination of impressive detail and 3D graphics mean this app is a market leader.”

About the model

3D Muscle Premium 2 is the most sophisticated and complete, true 3D model of the human musculature available. This app includes all-new muscular and skeleta...

System Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later
Operating System Support: Mac OS X


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