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DVDAttache Description:

DVDAttache application screenshot

This application is for managing your DVD collection, with emphasis on ease of use and ease of entering titles. There is integrated Amazon searching and shopping cart, genre categorization and customizable filters, choice of UI views, web builder/export, and XSL-enabled exporting.

What's new in this version:

* Rearranged some menu items
* Fixed some font irregularities on Mac OSX. You may need to adjust your vertical divider.
* Fixed a problem with the "busy" cursor when you are searching Amazon
* Removed the Sell, Update, and Remove buttons from the alpha list and moved the functionality to the menus. This gives you back more screen real estate rather than taking up space for things not used often. It also looks cleaner.
* The Mac OSX version now detects network proxies automatically so you can uncheck the "Use Proxy" option in Preferences/Network. This makes things easier for people like me who carry our laptops from home to work to the local WIFI-enabled pub. I'll try to get this in for Windows as well, it's just that the OSX platform makes it easy.
* The Awards panel now supports viewing in browser via new right-click option. The awards panel gets a bit crowded sometimes and it's nice to be able to open it in a browser window.
* Fixed IMDB searches *again* thanks to continued changes by the IMDB/Amazon folks.
* The Cast panel now supports searching IMDB for the currently selected actor. Just right-click and select Find at IMDB to open a browser and search for the name.

Operating System Support: Java 1.4.2 or higher


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