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Export-Import Entourage X

Price/Registration Fee:
$20 USD
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1.4 MB
Paul Berkowitz AppleScripts
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Export-Import Entourage X Description:

50 scripts to export and import almost everything - Contacts, Groups, Calendar Events, Tasks, Notes, Messages, Folders, Accounts, Signatures, Mailing Lists and Categories - from one identity of Entourage X or 2001 to any other, and to transfer Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes to and from other PIM programs on the Mac and Windows, with special converters for Microsoft Outlook, Excel and other programs.

You can import/export between all versions of Entourage, Outlook, Palm Desktop and other PIMs.

The scripts enable archiving, restoration, and data synching or transporting. Some operations are not possible for all types of data, and some are not possible to or from programs that do not support the functions required. The Outlook and Other Converters transfer contacts, calendar, tasks and notes ? there are instructions for transferring messages without scripts in the ReadMe.

The current scripts work only with English language and Western European versions of Entourage.

Note: There are separate script packages for X and 2001. If you are exporting from X to 2001 or vice versa, get both script packages (Export-Import Entourage X).

Export-Import Entourage is shareware ($20.00). You may use two copies of the same or different versions (X and/or 2001) for one registration payment. There is a one-time free Demo mode for exporting and importing 25 contacts.

What's new in this version:
v1.3.5 is for both Entourage X and Entourage 2004. All the Outlook and Other converter scripts to EvX, aside from Outlook Contacts to EvX, had a bug which would only occur in the very rare case if your Finder is unscriptable. The workarounds in v1.3.2 and later, which avoid all Finder applescripting, would result in an error message claiming that you were either dragging more than one file or it did not have a .csv extension, and would quit. All fixed in v1.3.5. For details see the Version 1.3.5 Update.rtf document.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher, Microsoft Entourage X or 2004


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