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Flash AV Player

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Flash AV Player Description:

Flash AV Player application screenshot

Cool streaming solution:
Flash AV player is a skinnable Flash application that streams folders of MP3, SWF, FLV, JPEG & MID files by loading all necessary playlists data from a custom or dynamic XML file. It is made to broadcast any media content: from an MP3 file to a Quicktime movie. It comes with 4 skins -- the Aquavideo player, the Basic player, the CD player and the Aqua player -- that can be embedded in a web page to stream sound or movies on the Internet.

The Application:

* Preloads and plays sound tracks (SWF or MP3), movie tracks embeded in a SWF file and FLV files (Flash native video format), as well as JPEG and MID files.
* Automatic parsing of a media folder and subfolders content to playlists.
* Loading of custom XML playlists.
* Comments and background images/animations can be assigned to each track (SWF or JPEG).
* Bufering time according to the size of the loaded track and the speed of the connection.
* Auto resize of graphics.
* Dynamic background: the background color and alpha properties of the player can be redefined when embeding the .swf
* Search engine for the playlist section
* Flash 6 plugin detection.
* Skinnable.
* Shortcut keys for the main controls.
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The Skins:

* Playback controls: play, pause, stop, wind, rewind, next track, previous track.
* Play mode options : Play all, loop track, repeat all, single track (pauses at the end of each track), random.
* Auto play and Auto loop.
* Volume control.
* Dragable cursor following the time line.
* Loading progress bar.
* Tracks Information display (playlist name, track name, track total time).
* Choice of 3 encodings (the player choose the default Kbps you specifie)
* Instant Playlist browsing/switching with direct controls.
* A...

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.1 or later


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