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FlipFeed Lite

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FlipFeed Lite Description:

FlipFeed Lite application screenshot

FlipFeed is the automatic and programable app for people like a Sloth which browses RSS feeds and bookmarked website automatically with one click. Since it performs browsing articles of RSS feeds, bookmarked websites, long long time line automatically, you will be able to look through the news one after another while sipping some tea. If speech option is enabled, you don't have to keep watching display because it read a title and summary of articles. If used to it, You may check the news while dozing.

[Uses for]
- Browsing RSS Feeds
Browse articles provided by registered RSS feeds automatically.
- Browsing Bookmarked Sites
Browse bookmarked web sites automatically .
- Checking Timeline
Scroll long long timeline such as Twitter or Facebook automatically until you have enough.
- Listening News
While autopilot RSS feeds, FlipFeed read aloud the title and summary of the article. You can see the overview of the news even if you are not looking at the screen.

[How to Use]
Register RSS feed or bookmark and click [▶] button at the left above of window. Show demo movie at the beginning.

You can customize setting for effíciently autopilot. 
- setting for bookmark
Starting position and width and times and interval of autoscroll are tunable for each feeds.
- setting for RSS feed
Starting position and width and times and interval of autoscroll are tunable for each sites. Filtering keyword for skipping ads is available.
- Other setting
Timer for waiting download, speed of autoscroll, disabling JavaScript and so on are available.

[About Light Version]
In this light version, up to 10 RSS feeds and up to 20 Bookmarks are available. In paid version, they are not limited.

System Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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