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Home Zone

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Jonas Witt
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Home Zone Description:

Home Zone can trigger user-defined actions as specified Airport networks or Bluetooth devices appear/disappear from the location of your notebook.


Version 1.0b8:

* Made Bluetooth scan much faster (you'll need to remove and re-add your BT triggers, though)
* Added new actions: Stop Screensaver, Set default printer, Sync using iSync

Version 1.0b7:

* Made Bluetooth scan much faster, it now only scans for paired devices
* Implemented action plugin architecture
* Added new application icon (thanks to Louis)

Version 1.0b5:

*Changes the way that Home Zone scans for available Airport networks. First, you can set a custom scan interval in the new preferences dialog. The Airport scan interval is pretty short (5 seconds by default), but Home Zone performs a full broadcast (which leads the short performance hits Stefan reported) only every tenth scan (and immediately after launch and waking up, so you're up to date). Also, you can now specify that a trigger should only recognise an Airport network when you're actually connected to that network, and you can enter one or more base station IDs (BSSIDs) so the trigger will only recognize the network when your base station has one of these BSSIDs. If you only have triggers that recognise connected Airport networks, Home Zone will skip the full broadcast scan altogether (except after launch and wake), so if you encounter wireless performance problems, switch all your triggers to "connected" only.
* You can force-enable or -disable zones via the status bar menu of each zone. By default, Home Zone will reset your override when the zone changes its state, but you can disable that in the preferences
* New action: Immediately start the screen saver
* The open file/URL action has been improved to support AppleScript files (.scpt) and executable files; if you want to run a shell scr...

Operating System Support: Airport card and/or Bluetooth capability


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