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iFly Description:

iFly is essential flightlog software for the aircraft/airline enthusiast and the frequent flyer. There's nothing else like it for the Mac or any other platform.

You can use iFly to:

Major iFly Features:
* Map routes you’ve taken
* Map multiple routes
* Keep track of your frequent flyer miles.
* Keep track of flights you take.
* Import flight logs you've done in spreadsheets or other databases.
* Define your own reports or choose from pre-done designs.
* Export reports to a spreadsheet.
* Lookup airport, aircraft, airline and class codes.
* Add new cities, airlines, aircraft to the database.
* Assign your own categories to flights.

iFly simple to learn and easy to use. If you can get on a plane, you can use iFly.


Version 2.0:

New "Route Mapping" window for single and multiple destination routes. Modifications to the iFly window make it more readable Modifications to control button actions to make them more consistent. Added "Show Route" button to the iFly window to allow user to map routes in the flightlog list. New Arrival Date field added. Flightlog airline field now permits ICAO codes as well as IATA codes. Updated backup and import routines to handle Arrival Date. More robust error checking in Import Flightlog to filter out invalid records. Minor changes control buttons for Airport, Airline and Aircraft Code windows and changes internally to the way the database is accessed. Load Flightlog assigns Arrival Date as the Departure Date if loading from more...old backups that don't handle the Arrival Date and warns the user.

Version 1.0.6:

* Corrects an error near ";" message when adding new flightlog records.
* Corrects an error that did not update the flightlog list when saving a flightlog record
* Corrects an error that did not allo...

Operating System Support: Supported on Mac OS X 10.4.


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