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iSync Palm Conduit

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iSync Palm Conduit Description:

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About iSync Palm Conduit

iSync Palm Conduit allows you to use iSync to synchronize contact and calendar information on your Palm OS Device and Mac OS Computer. You can use iSync 1.1 to synchronize Address Book contacts, iCal calendars and To Do information on your Palm OS device, Mac OS computers, and other devices such as an iSync-compatible Bluetooth mobile phone or iPod.

To use a Palm OS device with iSync 1.2, you must install the iSync 1.2 Palm Conduit. After installing the iSync 1.2 Palm Conduit and setting up your Palm OS device to work with iSync, you can use iSync 1.2 to synchronize Address Book contacts, and iCal calendars and To Do information on your Palm OS device, Mac OS computers, and other devices, such as an iSync-compatible mobile phone or iPod.

Whats New in this Version
Provides performance and stability improvements over the iSync 1.1 Palm Conduit.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.2.5 or later


iSync Palm Conduit reviewReview for iSync Palm Conduit

iSync Palm Conduit rating 4.56 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. With 3 user reviews.

22222 For me, the address had to be in Home...

I had problems syncing, and had to put the address in the Home Address section of the Mac Address Book; I wonder if the fact that there was already a Work (phone number) interfered with the transfer. Before that, only the phone number would transfer...

11111 iSync 1.2 Palm Conduit maps incorrectly

The iSync 1.2 Palm Conduit continues to suffer from very annoying mismaps. Any address in your Address Book application with a "home" address won't map to the Palm. Only addresses marked "work" map to the Palm. Also, the Location field in iCal does not map anywhere to the Palm. These are long-standing problems that Apple seems aware of but unwilling (unable?) to fix.

22222 Does not synchronize categories

A major problem is that when one synchronizes either iCal or Address Book iSync does not synchronize the categories. This is particularly annoying when it becomes necessary to do a hard reset, because then all of your categories are lost on the Palm.

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