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JLanguageLearn Description:

JLanguageLearn application screenshot

JLanguageLearn is the first generic language course. The software is written in Java. It uses XML to define different types of lessons. Currently there are 7 types of lessons:
•Gap Lesson.
•GapTyping Lesson
•Grid Lesson.
•Conjugation Lesson.
•Puzzle Lesson.
•Relation Lesson
•PhraseTyping Lesson
Additionally JLanguageLearn contains an editor to create lessons without knowing XML.

What's new in this version:
•This version finally contains the functionality to configure FTP servers. To configure your FTP servers you first have to create some lessons with the JLLEditor. After that, choose the menu item 'Configure FTP servers�?¢�??�?¦' from the menu and you should see this Check out to see the pictures [Show as slideshow] bild-1.png bild-2.png On the first picture you see all the configured servers. If there is none you need to create FTP servers in order to upload your lessons. Just click add and you'll see something like in the second picture. Here you have to enter the * name (the name displayed for your FTP server) * directory (the directory to which the files will be uploaded) * server (the servers ip address) * user (the user with wich establish the ftp connection) * password (the password needed to upload to the server) The list with the checkboxes displays all languages you created lessons for. If you didn't create lessons beforehand, there are no choices available and nothing can be uploaded. So be sure to create your lessons first. If you already created lessons, be sure to click on the languages you would like to upload to the server defined above. In the case you don't check any language, JLLEditor will not upload anything. If you have problems with the configuration, don't hesitate to contact me. Download the a copy of JLanguageLearn and more important: create lessons for all other users.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.5 PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 Intel


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