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Gerard Briscoe
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This is a command line tool to join PDF files. When you have to deal with joining several files it is much faster than using Adobe Acrobat. The code is actually from the iText project. I added a shell script and created an installer. Hope people find it as useful as I did. To install, download and decompress the sit file. Then run the installer. To use the application, open a Terminal window and type joinPDF. The structure of the command is as follows: joinPDF destfile file1 file2 [file3 ...] (This tools needs at least 3 parameters:) Th ability to splitPDF files at the command line, every page going to a new PDF document, as requested by a user has been added. splitPDF srcfile I was recently asked by a friend how to join files split by Microsoft Word when producing PDFs from the print screen using Apple's PDF creator. There is solution involving all sections in a Word document using the same dimensions, but that is not always possible. After recommending joinPDF I realised a useful and simple addition in joinPDF to make it easier to use for this scenario, especially if you have a Word document with many many sections of different sizes. The '-w' option supports the PDF file naming convention produced by using Microsoft Word and using Apple's PDF creator. For example, Document.doc may generate... Document.pdf Document.3.pdf Document.2.pdf ... with or without the ".pdf" at the end, depending on the user chosen output settings. joinPDF can cope with or without the extension. For this example simply type: joinPDF -w Document Then joinPDF will join all the files in the right order. A Heiko Werner emailed me an additional command for JoinPDF, to be able to extract consecutive pages from a PDF file. I am most grateful for the additional command and hope others find it useful. The command works as follows: extractPDF srcfile destfile pagenumberfrom pagenumberto A graphical front end has been kindly been provided T.Klussmeier.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.3.9


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