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Knights and Merchants

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Knights and Merchants Description:

Knights and Merchants application screenshot

Thy kingdom is in grave danger. A captain of the palace guard, thou hath faithfully served thy King for many years. But, alas, pain and sorrow hath much aged thy brave sovereign. For rebellious forces under the bastardly leadership of the rogue prince have gathered to bring about his downfall. The raging conflict hath laid waste large swathes of the kingdom's once bountiful provinces.

To thee doth the task fall - take command of the King's loyal troops! Free all the provinces suffering at the evil hand of the scoundrels and bring the cowards to account! Thou must needs build blooming towns with whole trading system that you may equip thy stalwart troops and attack the enemy! Emerge victorious in thy mission and the loyal subjects of your King shall once again dwell in peace and freedom

Operating System Support: MAC OS X 10.1.4 OR LATER / 128MB RAM


Knights and Merchants reviewReview for Knights and Merchants

Knights and Merchants rating 3.65 out of 5 based on 71 ratings. With 4 user reviews.

33333 BORING???

those who think that they get bored of the game think so because they can't win it

33333 Smegle

This game is the best

22222 good game

Most realistic RTS game I've ever played. It has it's flaws, however, such as not being able to build a hidden base due to the need for roads connecting each building. The graphics are good, but could be improved in some areas. It has a very difficult campaign too, with an excellent story line and fool-proof cheats. In other words, you can use the cheats, but it's not suggestable, because either they'll make you lose, or you still just won't be able to beat the entire campaign without doing at least 2 hours of gaming. I still have not actually beaten the campaign. Great cinematics all the way through, help create the mood of the game. The only reason you'll ever stop playing this game is through annoyance at not being able to beat the campaign. Definately worth whatever money you're planning on paying for it. The few major problems I have with it are: Need for roads to ALL buildings; No map editor; pretty poor multiplayer and few other people playing it with no custom games with you versus an AI mean that all you'll ever have to play are the Tutuorial and the Campaign. Good enough for now though...

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