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MakeHuman Description:

MakeHuman is an open-source, open graphics library, stand-alone, multi-platform, software program, which is completely written in C++ language. Its purpose is to provide a **versatile**, **professional** and extremely **specialized** application for **parametrical** modeling of three-dimensional humanoid characters. By **specialized**, we mean that MakeHuman's purpose is to model and pose a 3D humanoid, complete with hair, accessories and high quality UV maps. It will only make an acceptably photo realistic, poseable, humanoid character suitable for use in a variety of applications and for a variety of purposes – marketing campaigns, advertisements, animations, graphic art, and 3D games, just to name more...a few.

By **professional**, we mean that the MakeHuman development team's first priority is the reliability of the software and the output of an optimized mesh, that is the result of years of on-going observations and refining. To that end, tools that would make MakeHuman uselessly complicated, or a plethora of buttons or menus which only serve to impress the user or clutter the viewing area and slow down your computer, will not be included.

By **parametrical** modeling, we mean the ability to model a 3D humanoid in real time, using a series of graphically represented parameters. By using these parameters, nearly any type of character imaginable will be able to be created; scientific (typological and anthropological classifications), morphologic (gender, height, weight, age and race), or artistic (fantasy characters or caricatures). The parameters will allow the modification of nearly any humanoid characteristic - from general features such as body height, to the specific details of a nose.

By **versatile**, we mean that the created humanoid character will be able to be directly exported to many major 3D graphics modeling programs in their format, such as .obj, or .3ds. Photorealistic images of characters, with a transp...

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


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