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mlnet core

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mlnet core Description:

mlnet is a multi-network P2P client. Previously known as mldonkey, it's been the heart inside some other packages, as mlMac and xDonkey. Supporting Linux, BSD, Solaris, MacOSX and Win32. It works as a core, which can be accesed, managed and controlled via Telnet, Webb (with your favorite browser) or via a graphic interface (Sancho GUI is included). Its multi-net support actually covers the following networks:

* eDonkey 2000
* Overnet
* Kademlia
* BitTorrent
* FastTrack (Kazaa)
* Gnutella
* G2 (Shareaza)

and with less support, some others.

What's new in this version:

* 5199: BT: Fix BT_client_uid changing between core start
* 5196: IP: Store IPs with two int values instead of four to save RAM
* 5195: BT: Log tracker error messages in UTF-8
* 5194: HTML: Print warning on opening page when enable_servers is set to false
* 5191: HTML: remove sysinfo on opening page & option motd_html
* 5192: Fix deactivation of verbosity "gui"
* 5163: Configure: CVS SCM support for Mac OS X 10.3
* 5158: HTML: Use table for printing buildinfo and runinfo data
* 5187: New option: BT_import_new_torrents_interval, ignore Thumbs.db & desktop.ini in directory lists
* 5186: GUI: Send only non-empty real_startup_message string
* 5156: HTML, improve Options output
* 5061: New option small_files_slot_limit to push release of small files. all files below the configured file size (default 10kb) are uploaded through one reserved slot
* 5144: Increase default max_upload_rate to 10
* 5177: HTML, Options: update display after changing options
* 5176: Swarming: Change error message text and verbosity for BAD WRITE. BAD WRITE is not really an error, MLDonkey just receives unwanted data
* 5175: GTK1 oldgui: Last compile fix for abstract verification bitmaps
* 5174: Abstract verification bitmaps: compile fixes for G...

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.2 or later


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The most versatile P2P client for MacOSX

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