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$129 USD
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8.5 MB
Microspot Ltd
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Modeler Description:

Microspot Modeler is an interactive 3D modeling application that makes it simple to create and render models in real world dimensions and make animations that can be recorded as movies and viewed by anyone with QuickTime. Microspot Modeler can be used on its own or as an ideal companion product for Microspot Interiors enabling you to produce your own furniture items and accessories to add to the items already supplied with Interiors. Modeler now supports import of 3DS files, so millions of different 3rd party objects may be imported for use in your designs. Modeler has six simple and four more complex modeling tools to create basic shapes and a 3D text tool. These shapes can then be changed using modifier tools and further enhanced using color, lighting and textures. There are twenty one palettes that allow you to change your viewpoint, add and modify textures and colors, change shapes, align objects, set your rendering options and control your animations. Objects can be saved in the Library palette for quick storage and easy access. Models are rendered using an interactive renderer while they are being created but when complete they may be rendered using antialiasing and shadows with the Microspot Renderer. To see a preview of the final render use the Microspot Preview Renderer. Options of image resolution and shadows can be adjusted for the final render and the time taken will vary with the quality required. Files can be saved or exported in a variety of file formats including 3DMF, bmp, jpg, psd, tiff and more. Modeler also provides a helpful tutorial that has step by step instructions on how to create some basic furniture items. With unique features, ease of use and an affordable price, Microspot Modeler is the ideal tool for anyone wanting to create realistic 3D models.

What's new in this version:

* Animation
* 3DS File Import
* and more

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


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