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$39 USD
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Money Description:

Money application screenshot

Jumsoft Money 2 helps people organize and manage their personal finances quickly and easily. It supports all the features required for personal or small-business accounting needs.

What's new in this version:

* New feature: .Mac backup. You can backup your local data to .Mac and later revert from it. To perform backup, choose File>Backup to .Mac
* Manual bills payment. It is possible to choose pay bill automatically or manually. Unpayed bills count is showed in accounts list.
* When downloading QIF or OFX files, Money automatically suggests to import them.
* Ability to save report as PDF from bottom action menu.
* Account columns can be hidden.
* Reports with Category:Subcategory criteria no longer freezes.
* Other small bug fixes.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later


Money reviewReview for Money

Money rating 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. With 2 user reviews.

22222 money review

i have used money for over a year. it is exactly what i have been looking for in a accountiing program, except that there are some major minor issues. when you start a new entry the highlighted part begins in the center colum, so you can't tab to go to the right or you'll miss a complete field. there is a bug that when you click on the subject field whatever you were just typing gets erased and then gets added to the new field you click on.. you can go back and forth and it keeps doing it.. it's like someone is torchering me. i really like the program ease of use or should i say it ability to be easey to use. i heard that there will be a new version soon. i am desperatley looking forward to it!

11111 Money

I am not an accountant, just a small business owner, but I have taken several accounting classes and have been running my business for 12 years. I just couldn't get a hang of the interface. Yes it was pretty, but it was awkward and difficult to enter for days other than the current date. Would not recommend it at all.