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$49 USD
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201.9 MB
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PulpMotion Description:

PulpMotion application screenshot

Quick is easy and easy is fun!

-Create fun animations with all your (i)Life: music, photos AND your videos... no one's left over not even the iSight!
-From stately to funky , from captivating to comical, choose your style to impress your audience.
-It's nice to share...and it's easy too:

* Send video postcards or screensavers by email
* Podcast your video animation using Garageband
* Put your animation onto an iPod
* Publish your animation to a webpage using iWeb
* Or export your animations for further editing in iMovie or Final Cut.

PulpMotion is the software your photos and videos have been waiting for! Forget the long hours spent editing and the tedious adjustments. It's all done for you:
Simply drag and drop your preferred photos, movies and music, apply a visual theme from the PulpMotion theme menu and you're done!
3minutes. Wow!

Special features:
PulpMotion, turns slideshows into real promenades...and let the viewer decide what he wants to see:
"Where standard slideshow apps simply fade out the soundtrack , PulpMotion lets you stop in front of a video and watch it in full while listening to its soundtrack, then continue when you are ready".

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 PPC


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