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Cyberduck reviewReviews for Cyberduck

11111 Cyberduck

I find Cyberduck a royal pain. It turns into a tug of war trying to load items onto it. Often, it will not accept them unless I drag them over several times. The thing shuts down repeatedly. It often takes several tries before items go out. All I know is, if the reviewers are right and Cyberduck is better than those other FTP systems, I'd hate to see what those other systems are like.

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33333 Cyberduck

I've tried every FTP program I could get my hands on, and Cyberduck is by far my favorite. It has ever feature I thought of wanting, and has more options than some commercial programs. Easy to use, with an intuitive bookmarking system. Your best choice.

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22222 Has some problem

I really like the ease of how this program works, however, the first time I used the program the permissions were all screwed up, and when I re-downloaded it my website finally loaded correctly. The program then somehow got deleted off the computer and when I tried to re-download it the websites were all failing and when I did find an English copy the permissions were all wrong again.

Best out there if you can get a decent copy, but sometimes even dowlonading off the site can result in some problems.

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33333 Cyberduck is a real toy to have

Cyberduck is a very fast FTP client. Easy to use, Cyberduck gives user real control. And best of all, is free. Donations accepted, indeed.

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33333 Cyberduck rules!

One of the best freeware for Mac!! I tried many other freeware that includes SFTP, and I had no luck... then, I found this program, it was great. Thank you very much for creating wonderful product!

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33333 i never used an ftp untill today

ok i needed to post some college work so i could get help the fourm did not support img upload. my isp has an ftp which i have neaver used untill today i had been looking at ftp software not know anything. but i had cyberduck running in under 2min just but in my server details and done. very good indeed. don't know about running a big ftp but it does what i want it to do and thats fine with me.

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33333 Free, but very robusts and feature rich!

If you need an FTP client for OS X. This it it. Tried the other shareware packages, and CyberDuck holds their own against em.

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33333 Best FTP Program!

Leaving the windows world I needed a CuteFTP replacement and this is it! plus its free.

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