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MacTheRipper reviewReviews for MacTheRipper

33333 easy and fast

I downloaded the software, and within 30 minutes was ripping my first DVD. No problems at all. What perfect shareware.

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11111 MTR no longer functions

While trying to rip a DVD from a rental store for travelling, all I got was error messages. This is on a MBP with no region yet set.

Should I have set a default region first?

Otherwise, things are looking bad.

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22222 MacTheRipper

This is not a review, actually this is a question!!!

I’m burning some DVDs using MacTheRipper and sometimes it works GREAT and sometimes it doesn’t work so well!!!!......with some DVDs I’m having problems with the sound, when I’m watching the recorded DVD the sound breaks in a lot of parts of the movie. Can anyone here help me with that???


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11111 help please

i downloaded the mactheripper software, but i can't figure out how to use it. i put a dvd in and opened the program, but the go button is deactivated and i can't do anything. what do i need to do?

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33333 Mac The Ripper

In combination with DVD2ONE Mac The Ripper is invaluable. I use it for home DVD projects. Hope that it does work with Tiger as I am about to upgrade.

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22222 This App needs an upgrade

I've been a user of this app for a long time and have found that, after installing the new Mac OS (Tiger), an inreasing number of DVDs can't get ripped...I hope the developers are working on that....other than that, this app rocks!

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33333 Mac the ripper kicks butt... and then copies it

How do they do it? As far as I am aware the ONLY app to bypass the Mac's region checking. No need to change your drive's region (only 5 lives remember) - MacTheRipper is fab... and F R E E !

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33333 A Necessity For DVD Burning

This incredible program simply makes any DVD burnable! It automatically removes the encryption almost every commercial disk uses to keep their DVD from being copied. In addition it can disable region blocks placed on, for example, Best Buy DVDs and remove the UOP blocks that keep you from fast forwarding through FBI warnings.

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33333 Mac The Ripper

Being a newbie to dvd's, I was very surprised when using MTR to find that everything works as promised. Anyone with a slight knowledge (like me) can use this to make backups easily and fast. Now if only it incorporates a shrinking feature (double layer dvd's are extremely rare and very expensive here) and it will be the only app I will use.

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