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Quicken Mac reviewReviews for Quicken Mac

11111 Quicken 2010 for Mac

The Mac 2010 version of Quicken is worlds away from the PC version...why??? I'm sending back my Quicken for Mac 2010 for a refund and use the PC version. What was Intuit thinking!

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11111 Quicken 2010 for the MAC

I recently purchased Quicken 2010 for the MAC. Don't waste your time buying this software. It does not have check printing capability and is cumbersome to use. I have used Quicken Home and Business 2007 for the PC and liked this program. However, this program is not available for the MAC which I switched to.

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11111 QEM 2010

They should have called it Quicken BARE Essentials for MAC. It is too little (in fact it has less features than Quicken 1998 had!!!)

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22222 manage ME7-Replacing mint

The new version of manageME i.e manageME7 is coming shortly.this web based application helps in managing your personal finance and spurring up your financial worth.Moreover it is easy to use that even a small kid to 66yr old grandpa can manage the finances without any can be very useful for people who travels a lot as they can see the financial picture anytime ,anywhere.

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11111 Good functionality, but questionable worth

If you want to be a full-time manager of your personal finances, Quicken is for you. But I really don't want a SECOND job. For those of us who want to spend just an hour twice a month to update personal finance records, what you can do with Quicken in that amount of time investment is of little value.

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11111 Quicken 2005 for Mac

According to Quicken's own documentation, it is not meant to be compatible/interoperable with any Window's based version of Quicken.
Plus from personal, & expensive, experience I can now say, it is missing quite a bit of functionality. As a SW professional, I would have been fired for producing non-transportable junk like that.

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11111 Quicken 2005 for Mac

After using it a few times I experienced repeated crashes when trying to perform certain functions--finally it wouldn't open at all without crashing. With a 28800 connection, the help "chat" service would not work, so I called tech support. they informed me that tech help would cost $25 per call. I'd already paid $60 for the software, and not had even 2 months use of it, so I complained. They said "sorry." My only option at this point is to pay their excessive technical assistance fee or send the software back for a refund. I think I'll go for the refund. P.U. on Intuit.

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