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Sheep Description:

Sheep application screenshot

Many years ago, the ancestors of today s modern sheep were sent out across the galaxy from the sheep home star system of Ovis Aries. A few of these explorers landed on Earth. Their mission was to pose as stupid peace loving creatures, and study the habitat.

However, the sheep on Earth soon forgot about their mission, wallowing in grass and sunshine, and they slowly became domesticated by Man.

Now the sheep ancestors have returned to Earth from Ovis, to reclaim their lost flock. To achieve this, without bringing the unwanted attentions of Man, they abducted several Earth inhabitants and supplanted them with the urge to herd, rounding up all the sheep to the fabled Mount Mouflon for the journey home. Your task is to guide the Sheep back to their celestial ancestors, saving them from the perils of electric fences. shark-infested ice cream and combine harvesters.

Feature: End the Wool Sweater Industry When You Play Sheep

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.1.3 or later


The Sims: Hot Date | SiN Gold 1.1.3