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Simple Odontogram

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Fernando Rodrigues
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Simple Odontogram Description:

Simple Odontogram     application screenshot

Generate Stunning Odontograms for Reports and Presentations

With a few clicks, a professional and easily readable odontogram is ready to be pasted into a report, patient’s file or presentation.

> English
> Spanish
> Portuguese

SimpleOdontogram was designed to be intuitive and simple to use.

* Both permanent and deciduous teeth are available.
* The treatments list displays the treatments of each tooth, as well as the associated regions and links.
* Treatments can be ordered with the buttons on the bottom left corner. This allows you to control the appearance of the odontogram layers.
* This list can also be copied into the clipboard to illustrate your cases. Simply click the copy button on the bottom right corner of the list.
* Regions are easily selected for restorations and other treatments that require them. Simply click the name of the region in the treatments box.
* The same goes for links, which are connections between teeth. It allows the illustration of cases such as a bridge that is linked to the crown of an implant.
* The legend is completely dynamic and perfectly integrated with the languages.
* SimpleOdontogram was designed exclusively for the Mac, and it shows!

If you wish to send comments, suggestions for new treatments or request a new language, please feel free to do so on the product support page (, or by sending an email to

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System Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later


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