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SonicSwap myTunes

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SonicSwap myTunes Description:

SonicSwap myTunes application screenshot

myTunes makes it easier to control iTunes and enjoy your music. It combines menu remote control for iTunes, with hot-key keyboard control. myTunes shows what's playing up in the menu bar, and gives you a customizable pop up display for track information and cover art while listening. It updates your iChat status, and AOL's Instant Messenger profile with what is currently playing, and you can look up discography and song lyrics straight from iTunes.

myTunes is tightly integrated with the website. That connection lets you automatically download cover art for all your tracks. SonicSwap's images are optimized so that they will have no impact on the storage capacity of your iPod, when added to your music tracks.

myTunes catalogs your tracks collection and playlists on the SonicSwap website so you can email playlists to friends, or download playlists from people who share your taste in music. Browse the available playlists, and SonicSwap will automatically tell you which of the tracks you already own, and which you can buy with links to the iTunes music store to complete it. You can still import the playlists even if you don't have every song.

Fire up myTunes and see what you've been missing in your iTunes music experience.

Both myTunes and membership on the website are free

What's new in this version:

New in this Release:

* Hot Key Keyboard control over iTunes without interrupting your work
* Display what's playing and cover art when a new song starts
* Automatically download optimized cover art for all your songs
* View discography, lyrics, and background on songs, artists and CDs from iTunes.
* Download playlists from people who share your taste in music, and email play lists to friends
* Show what's playing in AIM and in your SonicSwap profile

Operating System Support: iTunes 4.7 or later, Mac OS X 10.3.0 or later, QuickTime 6.2 or later


SonicSwap myTunes reviewReview for SonicSwap myTunes

SonicSwap myTunes rating 4.14 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. With 1 user reviews.

33333 One of the best all around iTunes plug ins I have found

I have used a lot of different iTunes plug-ins over the past year, and this one is the best I have. It does it all. Lets me look up all the CDs by an artist, or every artist that has done a particular track. I can look up lyrics too.

The graphics pop up for whats playing is really nice, and tells me the title of what is playing in my menu bar, no matter what program I am using. It has a cool feature of letting me change the color and font size of that menu bar display.

I have downloaded cover art with it, and even though non of these programs can give you a perfect art download for all your tracks, this is the most automated I have ever seen. It gave about 90% of my tracks cover art. Some of the cover art was wrong...for about 20 CDs because it had trouble matching them up, but over all this is the best cover art download I have used.

I haven't tried sharing playlists on the SonicSwap site yet, but I think that is a cool feature to have.

I give this program a definite 10, and 6 of my friends have already downloaded it and started using it.

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