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Spot Documents

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Spot Documents
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Spot Documents Description:

Files stored on S3 in your account - so they are your files. Fees from Amazon scale with usage - about $0.20 per GB per month.

In addition to your files, metadata such as icons, previews, search data, tags, etc are stored on your Amazon account, so you can:

# Preview files from anywhere, without downloading them (eg Web client, iPad, or Mac app).
# Content search - search all your files online using content and spotlight-like searches (eg all images with a pixel count > 10 million), or geographic location, etc...
# Full versioning. You can upload new versions of files that you have edited, The Cloud uses S3 and tracks them for you.
# Email links. You can send a 24hr (or any expiry time) link to another person to let them download that one file for 24 hrs.
# Unlimited storage: Amazon promises unlimited storage. The Cloud can track and search hundreds of thousands of files per 'S3 bucket'.
# Multiple repositories - you can join as many repositories as you like, so can have one for accounting, one for R&D, etc.
# Does not synch all files to all computers. Have 100 computers all accessing an account at the same time: Scalability is courtesy of Amazon S3.
# Proxy files. NOT uploading large files (you set a limit) Large files have all search data, previews, etc, uploaded, so searching and preview will still work. This saves storage costs, etc.
# Auto - upload - set some folders to auto upload new files to s3, such as, perhaps, all scanned bills, etc.
# Your files: Files are uploaded to S3 in a standard manner, so they can be retrieved and managed by any S3 client, such as S3Fox, etc.
# You control access to all your assets. All of the metadata, search capability, etc is all stored in your account. We simply don't have access to it.
# iPad/iPod/Mac/Web access tools all available or coming.
# Inexpensive: For example, store 5,000 scanned invoices and 10,000 word documents for about...

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.6 or later.


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