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About Spy
Allows you to run a small server on your Mac, that when accessed by any normal web browser, allows people to see your screen, as well as information about your Macintosh. But it doesn t stop there - they can look at a normal static image, or they can look at your screen, live, in real-time. You can also choose which image format you want to use - JPEG or PNG. Not only that, but the user can choose what picture quality they want by manually specifying their desired quality and scale in the picture.jpg or picture.png request. Other features include 2 built-in page layouts with custom layout support, a detailed "Log Window", a "Live Connections" manager that lets you see everyone that is viewing your desktop live as well as disconnect any of those users, and an "External IP" window which displays your true, external IP address, even if you are behind a router or firewall. Best of all, Spy is totally free.

Whats New in this Version

Fixes several bugs including the rubbish text in External IP window. It also adds a high port option for External IP window, adds more internal error handling, improves logging (now logs actions such as Start Server, Listed on Tracker, etc.), interface improvements, and more.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later


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