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Strata 3D CX

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$695 USD
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36.1 MB
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Strata 3D CX Description:

Have you ever wished that there was a 3D application that was as easy to use as Photoshop and had the precision of Illustrator? Strata 3D CX is the answer to your design needs with the ability to link to Photoshop files, import Illustrator art, and create photo-real images and animations. Add a new dimension to your work for illustration, design, web-ready graphics, animation and more. Don't make the mistake of buying a 3D tool that makes you change your design process - Strata 3D CX works like you do.

What's new in this version:

* Fixed large blur size crasher
* Fixed a scripting problem with dialog displaying.
* Render to layers - PSD file layer compression is now supported.
* Fixed a Texture tab crasher. The fix for this issue now correctly disables texture editing of selected objects that do not have textures applied to them or if multiple objects are selected.
* Fixed a random crasher when canceling renderings shortly after the rendering was started.
* Fixed a crasher with selecting the About Strata 3D CX... menu item while the About screen was still open.
* Fixed an issue that resulted in rendering artifacts and a crasher on multi-processor systems when rendering a model with two or more non-global volumetric textures with a camera set within the volumetric texture space.
* A "crawling" or shifted texture problem on Mactel and Windows (Intel) systems is fixed.
* The 'Play movie' button in the Image Load dialog works again.
* Fixed a random crasher that occurred when dragging items from the resource palette.
* Fixed the crasher when editing/ending a reshape of a deformation lattice.
* Fixed a multi-processor rendering crashing bug.
* Fixed an issue with selecting a bone in the bone list in the Skeleton OP and the bone selection in the modeling window not updating and vice versa.
* Fixed a move, rotate and scale issue. Rotation is the defa...

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later


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