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Talk Around IT Home

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Neuro Hero Limited
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Talk Around IT Home Description:

Talk Around IT Home application screenshot

Talk Around IT Home helps people with word finding difficulties to develop language and communication skills. It also helps their friends and family learn key communication skills.

Skills – Talk Around IT Home may help to develop:
•Word finding or naming skills
•Receptive and expressive language
•Self-cuing to help word finding
•Circumlocution skills i.e. talking around a word
•An understanding of how words are related

How it works
Every Version of Talk Around It is based on a widely practiced speech and language therapy technique called Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA). SFA is commonly used to improve word finding skills. We aim to help word finding by providing opportunities to practice using spoken and written cues as well as circumlocution (i.e. talking around a word). This activity is designed to be used with a friend or family member. As they help you to improve your word finding, they learn skills and techniques that will enhance their ability to communicate with you.

At the start you will see a picture that you should try to name. You will also see six questions about the semantic features of the object and a button that gives you an example. In addition there is a set of cues to help you to find the word, including the first syllable of the word and a sentence to complete by using that word.

There are several versions of Talk Around IT. This is Talk Around IT Home. In this version we have chosen a library of objects that are commonly found around the house such as a table or a phone.

•Talk Around IT is based on the commonly used Speech and Language therapy Semantic Feature Analysis
•We present 50 familiar household objects one at a time for you to name
•A set of six semantic questions are available to help you to find the word
•There is a button to give you an example
•There is a set of buttons that p...

System Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later


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