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The Internet Filter If2k

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Turner and Sons Productions, Inc.
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The Internet Filter If2k Description:

The Internet Filter If2k application screenshot

About The Internet Filter If2k
- It can block known bad websites, websites with links to bad websites, and can block every website except those in a good list if you want.
- It includes a database of 750,000 known pornography urls and sophisticated phrase filtering to block most other pornography websites.
- It can censor web page content and off-site images.
- It allows you to customize the bad site lists, good site lists, and bad phrases list.
- It allows you to fully customize the message that appears when a website or image is blocked.
- It can read its settings and database from a remote website automatically on a timed schedule, allowing easy administration of multiple computers.

Operating System Support: Mac OS-X Tiger and Leopard


The Internet Filter If2k reviewReview for The Internet Filter If2k

The Internet Filter If2k rating 4.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. With 8 user reviews.

11111 IF2K

Help--I've tried numerous attempts to uninstall IF2K on my mac as I can not view google maps or American Girl doll website among other things. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to uninstall--I've even tried using an uninstall software. Now, I can't even find it on my computer but it still operates. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

11111 If2k will mess up your life!

I have to agree with one of the other reviews. If2k screwed up my Google maps and other Google items. I was not able to access my brother's Picasa web pictures. I could not even see my own pictures on If2k was very difficult to uninstall even with their "Uninstall" program. What a relief to finally find the problem was If2k all along.

11111 Rendered My Browsers useless

Installed whatever the current version was in Dec 2007. and forgot about it. I had installed a bunch of other stuff that weekend and noticed Google maps wasnt working. then notice I could not get to then My wife said she could not reach the American girl doll website.
I tried over the next year to figure out what the problem was including reinstalling OS X because I thought it was maybe a java problem. This program is hidden and I had forgotten about it finally tracked it down through the HTML Source of the Barbed wire blocked Page. Removed this program and Voila google maps is back as well as the other stuff. The filters seem overly broad and it evidently continued well past its 30 day trial period. Also did a test before uninstalling with google safe search turned off and was able to call up numerous sites with the most basic 4 letter searches. New versions may well be improved but after installation don't forget about it. Some of these problems may have been related to some weirdness in the initial version of Apples parental controls but I turned that off months ago after installing the suggested updated in my until now futile attempts to regain control of my computer

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