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Torque Game Engine SDK

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Torque Game Engine SDK Description:

Torque Game Engine SDK application screenshot

About Torque Game Engine SDK
A fully featured AAA game engine with award winning multi-player network code, seamless indoor/outdoor rendering engines, state of the art skeletal animation, drag and drop GUI creation, a built in world editor, and a C-like scripting language. Unlike most commercial game engines, as part of the low cost license, you receive all C++ source code to the engine, so you can make any additions you need for your game.

Torque is a complete cross platform gaming solution which greatly increases your money making ability without additional development costs. Create your product on the PC, then port to Mac or Linux within hours. To further reduce development costs, support of Open Source and free tools are at the heart of the Torque development philosophy. For instance, Quark is the preferred level and building development solution, while MinGW and GCC compliers are supported as well.

Feature: Have Engine, Will Travel: GarageGames Roars onto the Scene

Additional Resources

- Synapse Gaming Lighting Pack: High-quality lighting tools for the Torque engine.

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.1 or later


Torque Game Engine SDK reviewReview for Torque Game Engine SDK

Torque Game Engine SDK rating 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. With 4 user reviews.

11111 Horrible pile of crud

The Torque engine is a giant steaming pile of poo. The source code is a horrible mess, extremely buggy, and very poorly designed. The graphical features don't work properly, and not much of anything else does either. This is not a professional engine at all. Don't get ripped off by their marketing department!

11111 Torque - no better years later

I own the torque 3d engine and it is terrible. Documentation is very poor, and no one knows anything much about it. Stay away from this one. I'd have to say it is one of the worse engines out there!

11111 Torque sucks

Torque engine is a POS. Messy buggy code and it's just built on an old crappy game called Tribes... hacked into becoming a tool set and public engine..

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