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TurboCAD 3D Macintosh

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$495 USD
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TurboCAD 3D Macintosh Description:

TurboCAD 3D is a precise CAD software application that provides state of the art modeling tools without sacrificing speed and ease of use. Use TurboCAD 3D on your Macintosh to explore and develop new product concepts using a variety of 2D and 3D design and modeling tools, including curves, surfaces and solids, all seamlessly integrated into a user friendly design environment.

This simple clean user interface combined with intelligent snaps and integrated design methods make TurboCAD 3D a breeze to get up to speed.
# Same intuitive user interface for 2D and 3D tools
# Object Show/Hide Tools
# Layers and Sub Layers
# Tools Tips

2D Drafting

This comprehensive set of drafting and annotation tools make TurboCAD 3D the perfect choice for producing anything from simple sketches to fully dimensioned, standards compliant, production ready drawings.
# Points, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses and Polygons
# Bezier and Spline Curves with Control Points
# Offset by Value or to Location
# Trim, Extend and Connect Curves
# Text: Horizontal, At Angle, Along Curve
# 2D Fillet, Chamfer and Corner
# Dimension Tools
# Hatching and Fill Patterns

3D Modeling

Comprehensive set of surface and solid modeling and editing tools making creation of complex shapes a snap.
# Constant and Variable Filleting and Chamfering
# Shelling
# Extrude, Sweep, Lathe
# Booleans (Add, Subtract, Union)
# Over 17 Different Surface Types
# 9 Different 3D Primitives
# Holes, Bosses
# Lofting between Faces & Inflate/Deflate Face

Operating System Support: Macintosh OS X (10.2) or greater


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