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Darren Ford
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2.0 Beta
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Vault Description:

Vault application screenshot

Vault is an application for MacOS-X for securely storing information. It allows you to create 'vaults', that is, files containing data encrypted by a password.

You can use Vault to store just about any text information and image. You can cut-and-paste data into your vault where it will be encrypted and kept safe from prying eyes.

What's new in this version:

* Vault is now a Universal Binary
* The UI is now more 'Tiger-like'. General UI usability improvements
* Integrated password verification - no more floating 'type password' or 'verify password' dialogs
* The ability to lock a Vault and still keep it open
* The ability to (temporarily) pause the countdown
* (Optional) Sticky edit mode
* Password generator
* Basic iCal integration -- you can add an iCal event for Vault entries (so you can keep track of yearly renewals etc).
* Creation and modification times for each entry
* Ability to set search mode (eg. title, content or both title and content)
* Better keyboard navigation (eg. toggle edit mode using Apple-Option-E) and updated menus
* Confirmation when deleting a Vault entry
* (optional) Automatically save a Vault when it is closed by the automated timer
* Display number of entries
* Export types available in export dialog
* Displays the number of entries in the Vault
* Updated: Help documentation

Operating System Support: Mac OS X 10.4.1 or higher, Universal Binary


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